farechamps Policies

farechamps aims to make the interaction between customers, the travel community and hotels easier and faster. It lets everyone to ask questions related to a hotel or a city or packages and will get useful answers.


All questions and answers that are gone through a moderation process before they are approved and are published to any website. We reserve the right to reject any query that does not abide by the company policy.

Brochure / Website Information – Disclaimers

We take our responsibility to create Brochure, Price Grid, website and other Documents. However, we are not liable for any printing errors. Furthermore, Brochures may be printed several months ago, therefore if you want any information you can confirm the current information by contacting us.

Cancellation Of Booking

If you wish to cancel your booking, you need to notify us. And these shall be deemed to have been given to us only on the date of the receipt of your letter. Please state the reason for your cancellation the package deal as it may be covered by your insurance policy.

Site and its content

farechamps is only for your personal use. You cannot distribute, modify, sell or exchange anything for any business or commercial purpose.

Any material submitted to this Site may be changed, copied, licensed, published, or used by farechamps anywhere in the world, in any medium, forever.